Coachella here we come!

Alright y’all … Let’s talk festivals.

Music Festivals are our Mecca.

Cliche? Maybe. But we are sure as shit going to live our truth.

These massive amounts of people from all different walks of life gathering together with the same spirit of intention make our hearts sing!

So obviously we rush to the desert each year for music, laughter, dancing, & creating special bonds with individuals we would have never met otherwise.


When it comes to learning from our amazing & various Coachella experiences, nothing compares to our carefully curated survival guide.

Festivals are more than the perfect outfit!

(although they are pretty damn important…)

They about enjoying every moment in that crazy desert heat – and how prepared you are will make or break your mood. Trust us. We have been there.



When it comes to packing, layer with a purpose, & only carry around the essentials – lugging extra belongings throughout the campsites uses too much needed dancing energy!

We even go so far as pre-planning our accessories for ultimate organization.

If you are ever stumped use our guide below with all our non-negotiable items!

survival guide

We encourage y’all to print this Festival Holy Grail – write on it, reference it & make it your own!

Always remember that lists are your friend in festival prep … because once you’re there & feel the magic you will fully appreciate all the thought you put into making your weekend easy.

And when all else fails …




We will see you in Indio lovelies!


Hannah & Zoe


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